Sales & Marketing.

Why choose The Recruitment Co.?

You are a sales and marketing enthusiast. So you already know that great things happen when you nurture relationships with people. It’s the same with your career. Here at The Recruitment Co. we take the time to learn about your experience and skills. That way we can recommend you for positions in which you can thrive, rather than rushing to put you in a job that you may not find rewarding.

As a business we have been causing a stir in sales and marketing recruitment since the early nineties. We know the sector inside-out. Couple that with our national reach and huge client portfolio and the result is sure to make you smile. We can find opportunities for you across a huge range of projects, places and sectors. It’s all about finding the best match for your career ambitions. So let’s get started.

Sounds good?

The first step is to send us your CV, browse our sales and marketing roles online, or make an appointment at one of our local branches for a chat. Once you’ve told us about your experience and career ambitions we will show you some of our current sales and marketing opportunities and go from there. Get ready to take your next step with confidence.