6 careers for video game enthusiasts

6 careers for video game enthusiasts.

Happy Video Games Day! 

Video Game Artist

A fan of doodling? Got sketchbooks full of characters just waiting to be brought to life? Well, every video game needs designers who can create vivid characters and environments from scratch. A keen eye and a steady hand may be required for this job but it could be making you around $50,000 p/a.

Audio Programmer

Game soundtracks have come along way since Super Mario and it’s now not uncommon for games to have fully orchestrated music, as well as celebrity voice-overs for characters and cameos. A role in scoring the music for a game as well as dealing with all things audio could see you pull in over $100,000 p/a.

Video Game Writer

Not all video game related jobs are technical. All video games require writers and in recent years video game scripts aren’t too far from that of movie scripts – which is probably why you could stand to earn  $200,000 p/a if the game is successful.

Game Programmer

Got the skills to code, as well as a burning love for video games? Then you’re in luck – games programming sounds perfect for you – and $95,000 p/a doesn’t sound bad either.

Game Designer

The game designer is the sort of movie director equivalent of the industry. If you’re not brilliant with the coding and programming side of things, then designing might be for you. As a designer, it’s your job to assemble a team that can handle all the speciality work and bring your dreams to life. You’ll need a college degree for this one – which is why big bucks are in store for a job like this.

Game Tester

Yes, you read that correctly. It really is all fun and games after all. Well, sort of. This job requires you to test the game’s environment, less running around and having fun all day, more moving an inch, jumping 5 times and moving forward another inch to repeat the process. It’s a job you could, in theory, do from your bed though so we wouldn’t complain!

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