Alfy the Elfs Story

Alfy the Elfs Story.

Alfy is a magical elf, and nature personified. They prayed of using their powers for good, until one day a voice replied.

“Alfy I’ve noticed that when you dance; time… it slows right down. This wonderful gift could be put to great use. Come visit our snow covered town”.

“But wait”, asked Alfy; “With whom do I speak?” Although it’s safe to say, his interest was piqued.

“It’s me Saint Nick; Father Christmas to some”. With nothing more said, a deal was done!

With a sprinkle of magic; a hop and a twist. Alfy was in the North Pole, fully primed to assist.

“Alfy, the job in which you will be tiptop, is to conjur more time for my worldwide gift drop. 

“I visit billions of children, all in one night. Over 6,000 per second, if I’ve got my maths right.”

“With your magic dancing we’d be in less of a hurry, and deliveries for all children just wouldn’t be a worry”. 

“Yes!” called out Alfy, eager to live his best life. He hopped on the sleigh: “Let’s go for a test drive”.

Twirling around on his new found endeavour. Up in the sky for what seemed like forever.

Enjoying the moment, Santa lost deep within it. But in the real world they’d only been flying for a minute.

“Your hired!” shouted Santa, all filled with glee. “To make Christmas special I need you here with me”.

If you ever wondered how presents were delivered so quick. It’s all down to our Alfy and his special dancing trick.

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