The benefits of working outside?

The benefits of working outside?.

Studies have shown that work satisfaction, as well as productivity, can be linked to factors such as air, temperature, or scenery, not just the factors you’d expect like your hip new office and time off. With that being said, nature can play a much bigger role in the workplace than we think and ultimately, it should.

Meaningful stimulation in the workplace is important, and this can easily be achieved by breaking out into the outside world and escaping the sometimes stagnant office environment.

So then, what benefits are there from working outside?

It gets you up and out of that office chair.

As humans, we were born to move around – fact. Therefore, sitting down all day really isn’t brilliant for us as It greatly increases our risk of disease. Working outside disrupts the tendency to sit all day and fulfils our biological need to move around.

It reduces stress.

Continuing on with our science lesson – the office is not the human’s natural habitat and believe it or not, this really does affect us. Just as lab animals live in a constant state of stress because they’ve been taken from their natural habitats. We’re more prone to stress for the same reason. It’s easy to forget computer screens and water coolers aren’t, in fact, our natural stomping ground.

It’s a great way to stay focused.

Taking small breaks throughout the day is vital with regards to staying focused and motivated at work. By working outside, these typical office breaks can be substituted for glancing to the heavens or observing birds nesting. One study even found that walking in the woods improved cognitive function!

So, what’re you waiting for? Get your laptop and get yourself to the nearest woodland pronto!

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