Dealing with a scary panel interview

Dealing with a scary panel interview.

Few things are more terrifying than panel interviews. You’re sat in front of two, three maybe even four people, all of whom could be looking for different things from you.

But, they are fundamentally no different from a regular interview.

So calm down.

What is a panel interview?

The concept is simple: You’ll be sat in front of several members of staff who will take turns to ask you questions and then discuss your suitability for the role after you’ve left.

Who’ll be on the panel?

Usually, people of different relevant specialities, like HR, to assess how well you’d fit into the company, technical experts, to assess the skills you possess, and line managers, to assess your ability to perform, will make up the panel.

What’s the point in them?

Being as there can be up to eight people on a panel, the general consensus is that panel interviews are seen as fair because there are a few opinions being constructed about you.

So how do I prepare?

Like you’d prepare for any other interview.

Panel interviews tend to be formal and organised with a standard set of questions for all the candidates so follow three simple steps:

Do your research. Come up with excellent answers to standard interview questions. Prepare your own questions to ask at the end of the interview.


If you still feel the familiar spine tingle when you’re thinking about baring your soul at a panel interview, then just remember they’re basically no different from a standard one to one interview. Sure there’s more than one person to impress with your wit and wisdom, but you’re warm, charming and confident that you can smash the role you’ve gone for.

We believe in you. Good luck!

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