Myth Busting Recruitment; What You Need to Know

Myth Busting Recruitment; What You Need to Know.

Mythbusting time. So many people believe that to register with a recruitment agency for their next dream job actually incurs a cost to them; it doesn’t Recruitment agencies get their income from organisations and businesses looking to grow their team and by helping them find the right candidates. Put simply, you receive all of the priceless support, legwork and advice for absolutely nothing. 

What’s the benefit of a recruitment agency?

Recruitment is all built on relationships and knowledge; therefore most recruitment agencies are clued in on the upcoming opportunities in their areas, whether that be regional or industry led. If you’re looking to join an interesting new start-up, to be at the forefront of a new organisation setting up in your area or on the pulse for new technology roles, a local or national recruitment agency will be the best way to find these before they are widely advertised.

Can I find my dream role?

It’s no secret that recruiting is hard. Advertising the role in the right places, getting the job specification right, then filtering through CV after CV and trying to organise interviews that work for the candidates and the business. So, a lot of larger organisations and well structured companies turn to recruitment agencies to fill their valued roles. Registering with a recruitment agency will not only make it easier to find out if you’re the right candidate for the role but also open you up to so many roles that you probably didn’t know were vacant. 

Not only do recruitment agencies have a wider understanding of the employment market as a whole, they also have different opportunities available in the form of temporary or part-time roles. If you’re looking for skilled temporary work, fixed-term contracts or for a way to get back into a working environment, registering with a recruitment agency specialised in your industry is the easiest way to access all of the temporary opportunities available.

How much will I have to do?

Writing a Curriculum Vitae (or CV for the 99% of us who don’t want to type those words again) is hard. We all did it once at high school based on our education and our part time job in the corner shop, then we got our first roles and haven’t touched it since. Or you are someone who is proud of their career and achievements so you’ve had yours ready to go since day dot. Either way, you’re not alone and getting some advice from the experts in invaluable in understanding if your CV tells the story of who you are, what you do and how you’re going to add value in your desired role.

When you’re looking for a new job or a change in your career path, it can be a scary and unsettling time, regardless of whether it’s something you have chosen to do. Working with a recruitment agency provides a level of qualified support and guidance, from people who have helped so many others find their dream role. Whether it’s preparing you for your interview, reminding you of ways to present yourself or helping you to make the right decision when you’ve been offered a role, a recruitment agency is there for you just as much as they are there for their clients. 

What happens if I get the job? Or I don’t?

Great news! Another reason to use a recruitment agency when looking for your next role is while you’ve got the skills and the personality that has landed you your dream position, they have the expertise to leverage your salary and position at the company. Their knowledge of the industry standards paired with their understanding of what the company can afford to spend on their vital roles puts them in a great position to negotiate a better salary and / or benefits package that works in your favour. 

Didn’t get the role you went for? Don’t worry; not only will the agency glean valuable feedback on why this one didn’t work out, but as a candidate, you can be sure it will be honest and constructively given. When you’re working with a recruitment agency, their goal 

is to find you the right role – so if the first one doesn’t work out, they will work with you on other roles that may be a better fit for you and another organisation. 

Any other benefits?

In life, in your career, in your professional network; relationships are crucial at every step of your life. Building a relationship with a recruitment agency is a support mechanism that may see you through your whole life; in the UK, the average individual will change their job every 5 years, meaning they could hold between 4-6 different positions in their working career. If an agency secures you your first position on your career path, you can go back to them to get you onto the next rung when you’re ready to progress.

Happy in your current role? Not looking to currently move on? Unsure of your end career goal? Registering with a recruitment agency can keep your options open. Be honest and upfront about your current role, but give yourself the chance to be approached for a role you might never be aware is available but could be the next step on the road to your desired position. 

Register today with your local branch and dispel the recruitment myths!

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