Odro Spotlight – Tech Thursday

Odro Spotlight – Tech Thursday.

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be shining a light on some of the tech we use here at Cordant People! From Odro to Force24; Sidetrade to Bullhorn. 

We’re a human-centric business. There’s no question that people are our greatest asset so we want to give them the tools and platforms to perform at their absolute best. 

This week the spotlight is on Odro so let’s take a closer look for those of you who may still be unfamiliar with their tech.’ 

Odro offers an end-to-end video solution, built specifically to suit the workflow of the modern-day recruiter. Sold as one complete solution, the platform comprises four key features; video sales messaging, content creation, interviewing and digital shortlisting. Let’s take a closer look at how they all sit together. 

  • Vision – the bread and butter of modern recruitment, Vision facilitates two-way interviews in real-time, from any location and using any device. Crucially, unlike the video conferencing products, Vision also accommodates asynchronous, one-way interviews which helps us to screen high-volume roles faster, and provides greater flexibility to our candidates who can answer pre-set questions in their own time without the need for any diary coordination or time off to meet face-to-face.
  • Talent Dashboards – using Talent Dashboards, we put our shortlisted candidates in front of our clients in a much more secure, efficient and streamlined way. Rather than the typical email send, we send our clients a link to a fully encrypted digital portal – which includes completed video interviews, plus all relevant documentation such as CVs, cover letters, salary, notice and more – all in one place. Talent Dashboards offer huge efficiency gains for our clients, and really speeds up the process for our candidates too. They are safer, more secure and fully GDPR compliant. They also give us far greater control over the hiring process, which benefits everyone involved.  
  • Capture – which puts a face to our brand and recruitment support service by allowing our hiring teams to record a personalised, authentic video to share directly with potential clients or candidates. 
  • Producer – gives users the ability to customise their own videos through built-in video editing software. This autonomy allows them to speed up the communication processes whilst self-delivering professional-looking messages across multiple channels in minutes. 

Darcy Crux, Business Development Executive at Cordant People, said of Odro: “It’s a really great tool. It helps me put a face to a name and gives you a chance to really put your personality across. 

“As with almost every sector, in the wake of the pandemic, we had to very quickly adapt and make prompt changes to our working practices. Odro meant we could continue to support candidates when access to a sustainable income was more important than ever. The ‘new normal’ required a new solution… Odro was that solution for us”. 

Darcy had been targeting a client for some time and kept finding herself at a dead end after deploying all of the tried and tested techniques. Darcy decided to use Odro Capture to send a bespoke message introducing herself, detailing the enhanced service she could provide, and within minutes the client responded suggesting a more in-depth conversation. 

“The impact was instant and has led to a great working relationship and multiple Senior Management positions filled!” Darcy adds. “There’s no going back for me. Odro is a regular tool in my sales kit now. The opportunities continue to grow and I’m enjoying this new approach to recruitment”. 

Dougie Loan, Chief Revenue Officer at Odro, said of the partnership: 

“Since engaging with the Cordant group 12 months ago, the team has been nothing short of excellent. Using Odro within our Bullhorn integration, Cordant is a business that has a number of distinct brands. It was paramount that the implementation of our tech met each brand’s needs. Everyone from the CEO through to the L&D, Technology and Marketing teams have worked in partnership with us to ensure we all got the most from our partnership.

The results speak for themselves, and that’s down to the consultants’ commitment to improving the work they do with the candidates and clients they engage with on a daily basis.” 

Dougie added: 

“As we continue to grow and develop our relationship over the years to come, I’m looking forward to the team getting really hands-on with some upcoming releases. As the Group continues its growth plans and brings the newest generation of recruiters aboard, I’m really excited about helping to power the work they do each day.” 

So that’s Odro in a nutshell. Next time we’ll have a dive into Sourcebreaker and the effect that stands to have on Cordants’ working practices. 

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