Rethinking your job searching during a pandemic: 4 tips

Rethinking your job searching during a pandemic: 4 tips.

During uncertain times it’s important to be pragmatic when looking for job opportunities – when the market changes, your search mindset should too – which is why we’ve compiled 4 tips to help you rethink your approach during these difficult times.


Virtual networking

Social distancing may have put an end to networking via it’s more typical face-to-face means, but the online world continues to keep us more connected than ever before. 

Why not consider reaching out to former colleagues, mentors, and friends, to see if they will meet with you over a virtual coffee? Use this time to tell them your story and don’t be afraid to be direct – ask for CV feedback, general advice or even a referral – you might be surprised at how much these people can help you make a positive step in the right direction.

Short term planning

Finding yourself looking for employment opportunities during a pandemic can be incredibly overwhelming. Alongside everything else that is going on right now, adding a job search to the list can make planning for the future seem as if it’s out of your control. This is why it’s key to focus on the short term. 

Look to the next few months. What are your priorities? Taking into account finances – are you able to use savings as a safety net, and thus focus solely on creating opportunities to benefit your career? Or is short term employment something you might have to consider while your usual industry finds its feet in the COVID world? 

Your Story

The challenges you’re facing right now are unique in the sense that, although of course many others are in your situation, an equal amount of other others aren’t. 

By that we mean this situation is unique to you, many others will never experience this sort of challenge in their careers and because of this you should not be afraid to tell your story.

How exactly did you lose your previous job in the pandemic? What’re your motivations to get back to work? What’re your goals for the rest of the year? Explain Your past and present and how it led you to apply for the role you are.  

Developing Skills

If you’re in a position to do so – have you considered enrolling in an online course to perhaps develop certain skills to improve your chances of landing the roles you’re applying for? 

A whole host of industries and sectors still haven’t restarted amidst the ongoing global crisis – and if you’re applying for positions outside of your usual field, this might help you greatly.

You could take this a step further to – if your industry is experiencing a major change right now, it could be worth considering if you still enjoy your chosen industry, and if not, if a career change might be something to consider.

We’re sure this thought may have crossed your mind in the past at some point and seemed rather daunting – but If there was ever a time to take the leap, now is as good a time as any!

There are a plethora of affordable and free education opportunities available to you, especially as it’s common to keep more of an eye on your financial situation during these times, simply search online or again, reach out to your network and see what they’d recommend!


To summarise

More people are looking for work than ever before right now and finding yourself unemployed during a time such as this can and will naturally lead to panic.

It’s important to resist the urge to apply for any roles you see right now and concentrate on propelling your career forward through calculated measures. By building your networking relationship for example, you may find yourself with a referral to a position that instantly takes you to the top of the interview list over those who applied via a job board. 

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