The benefits of cycling to work

The benefits of cycling to work.

With this week being national #BikeWeek we thought we’d explore some of the benefits that cycling to work can bring you and the world around you!

So without further ado, here’re 8 reasons why you should consider getting back in the saddle and cycling to work.

It’s fun!

By cycling to work, you allow yourself to integrate a simple and easy routine into your day that leaves you feeling of exhilarating! Cycling to work is fun, plain and simple.

You’ll get fitter.

Did you know that cycling on average burns more calories than jogging? Not only this but despite the obvious fitness benefits cycling has been shown to lower blood pressure, improve cardiovascular and aerobic fitness, as well as boosting energy and building muscle.

You’ll be happier.

Sick of unplanned and stressful traffic jams? Commuter train always packed and running late? You know what can easily eliminate these problems? You guess it – cycling!

Countless studies have shown that exercising daily can help alleviate symptoms of stress and depression. As well as this, general outdoor exercise has been proven to improve your general quality of life as well as boosting your self-confidence.

You’ll be smarter.

As we said before, daily exercise does wonders for you. With regards to cycling making you brainer, it’s been proven to prevent cognitive decline whilst simultaneously sharpening memory and your brain’s ability to learn.

You’ll be richer.

Say goodbye to paying for petrol and public transport – biking to work saves you money. Lots of money. It’s that simple really.

You’ll be doing your part for the environment.

Need we say anymore?

It’s convenient.

Forget driving around unfamiliar roads or endlessly ascending multi-story car parks looking for space, one of the beauties of cycling is that the nearest pole to you is your parking space!

And let’s be honest, most offices these days have a designated bike lock area anyway, as well as having facilities such as showers to make the process of commuting via bicycle very appealing.

You’ll be safer (believe it or not).

A 2008 study from the University of New South Wales revealed that the more cyclists there are on the road, the safer they will be.

The study found that the more people who ride in a given city, greatly reduce the number of collisions between drivers and cyclists because believe it or not, driver behaviour actually changes and becomes safer when the number of cyclists increases, regardless of their being fewer cars on the road!

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