The Impact of NHS Winter Pressures on Public Sector Worker Shortages

The Impact of NHS Winter Pressures on Public Sector Worker Shortages.

New data from August and September 2021 illustrates the ongoing disruptive impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the UK public sector. The latest data warns of the pressure points the NHS will face this winter and winter 2022. 

We know when winter pressures begin and when they peak, and that Covid-19 will make dealing with this surge more difficult to manage public sector staffing needs compared to previous years.

Concerns around Staffing in Winter 2021/22 

There are rising concerns within Trusts around systemic workforce shortages over the winter period for both 2021 and 2022. Trusts have been preparing for additional staffing demands over winter by working more collaboratively with their recruitment partners.

NHS officials have advised that it could take up to five years to get back to pre-pandemic levels. New variants, a huge waiting list, mental health difficulties, and burnout amongst NHS and public sector workers will increase the staffing shortage and increase the level of staff off sick throughout the winter peak.


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