The top 20 most commonly misspelt words

The top 20 most commonly misspelt words.

Some words are just difficult to spell, that’s just matter of fact.

Now, whether that’s because of inconsistent pronunciations or lack of clear enunciation (we won’t lie we had to google that spelling) we’ve all been guilty at some point of changing a word in its entirety and substituting in something much easier when we can’t remember a spelling.

So, why are some words in the English language particulerly particularly hard to spell?

Like previously mentioned, some words are difficult to spell simply because they are commonly mispronounced due to factors such as accents.

Other words bring with them the dreaded ‘double letter’ dilemma as well the uncertainty of whether or not to use the letter ‘S’ or ‘C’.

IFrame“Two S’s or one? Does that C look right to you?”

In addition to this, some words are difficult to spell due to a non-traditional combination of letters.

The English language has a whole host of French words still alive and breathing within it, causing many to faux pas (see what we did there?).

Ironically, spellcheck also plays another big role in the common misspelling of words, as it encourages reckless typing, providing a false sense of security and leading many to delegate spelling entirely to the software.

Unfortunately for us though, spellchecking pens have yet to be invented and therefore it might be an idea to familiarize yourself with these commonly misspelt words by taking our quiz below.

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