Why Is Client Feedback Important During The Recruitment Process?

Why Is Client Feedback Important During The Recruitment Process?.

Feedback is essential during the recruitment process, so why does it often get neglected? Recruitment can be a complicated job for any business, but that is why recruiters, like Cordant People, are there to make the process as easy as possible.

One aspect of the recruitment process that clients and businesses often overlook or forget to provide feedback to not only their candidates but also to the recruiters working with those candidates. When this happens, time can be lost and relationships damaged.

It’s vital that the recruiter gets that valuable feedback from the client. If not only so the candidate will have peace of mind, but also so the recruiter can change focus on what’s most important for their client in the future.

If you’re a business owner or hiring manager, we’ve broken down exactly why client feedback is important for your business below!

It Stops Miscommunication

Miscommunication can lead to many aspects that can hinder the recruitment process. It can lead to misinformation and misconceptions, both of which will never end well for success. A successful hiring process is based upon clear communication between all three parties; you, your recruiter and the candidate. 

If none of which are provided with the correct information, the whole recruitment process can go awry. To ensure you avoid this, it’s vital that you are speaking to and giving constant feedback to your recruiter and candidate.

It Keeps Your Ideal Candidates Engaged

It’s naive to think that your perfect candidate won’t have other job offers on the table. The top candidates are most likely involved in two, three, or sometimes multiple hiring processes. As a result, it’s important that you’re continuing to express your interest to the candidate throughout the hiring journey. 

Keeping in touch with the candidate through your recruiter, whether it’s passing on feedback or keeping them updated on your progress, will ensure that the candidate is more likely to accept an offer if you present them with one. 

Feedback Speeds Up The Recruitment Process

What we are seeing time and time again is clients waiting too long to make an offer to the candidate that they know they want. Candidate availability is low, but there are plenty of job opportunities out there so all the best candidates are in high demand! By the time some clients make an offer, someone else might have already swooped in and hired your candidate.

It’s therefore important to give constant feedback and encouragement to your ideal candidate. You need to make sure you’re generating excitement and interest, and then extend an offer when the excitement is at its peak.

Increases your chances of hiring the right person!

That’s what the whole recruitment process is about! If you have a lengthy hiring process to draw out the ‘ideal candidate,’ it’s not going to work. A streamlined, efficient recruitment process is defined by feedback. 

Feedback combined with proper communication and ensuring you make a speedy offer post-interview is key to you bagging that star candidate.

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